mafia at work


In 1995 George found himself in the “NEW” South Africa, dis-advantaged times two, suffering from post-apartheid-syndrome, being classified as a member of the white-regime, his wife previously dis-advantaged by himself and apartheid. It was stock-taking-time. He was left with his mother-in-law … farmless, jobless and hopeless.

He called his mother-in-law “Mafia”. Ma Rabia (Nellie), a wise old lady of 77 yrs, was the mother of Nirvana. George and his family … his wife Ayesha, daughter Dhiana, and another baby-girl, Shaazaa, were living with her. “Mafia” had all the connections for business and influence to care for this family.

George became Mr. LAWISE himself in all his dealings … at least he had reached a settlement in his divorce-case with Lenie … he settled for thousand-five-hundred-rand on condition that he signed at the magistrate for the child to be adopted.

He married Ayesha shortly after the divorce … this time lawfull at the department of home affairs … despite his father’s threat to dis-own him. Besides, he was still the owner of 200 shares in the farm Campfornis.

Over the years all the other farms in the Kleynhans-family were sold, only Campfornis was left … 100 shares of Alldays Escape (pty) Ltd were legally transferred by George to his father for monies received … 200 shares claimed by George from Alex, unlawfully transferred by his father to the joint estate of Hendik and Rita, married in community of property.

The real “Mafia” was much closer to him, his mother, Rita, had her own apartheid-agenda about the shares in her family. Her daughter, Elmarie, had moved to the mansion at MagaliesKruin during her divorce. His father bought a pharmacy at Benoni when she qualified as a pharmacist.

Elmarie was Rita’s favourite … the baby in the house … Rita has can-do-no-wrong kind of love … even when she fell in love with a man twice her age, Rita approved of this new man in her life, altogether with his baggage of child-support of eight thousand rand per month.

Andre, hunched-back from previous marriages, caught Elmarie hook, line and sinker to marry him. Rita, Elmarie and Andre bonded at the house in Pretoria as a trinity, who would stop at nothing to take from other people.

George was surprised to hear that his sister had purchased the house that he signed to his parents … knowing how much his father disliked Andre. However his parents and oumaPoppie were moving back to the farm Campfornis … this was his opportunity to visit his father.

George, with nothing to lose, had a devil-may-care attitude going to the farm with his wife and children. Much to his surprise his father welcomed them with open arms … the share-issue no more an obstacle he agreed to withdraw the action against his father … the old man born in 1927, had a stroke and needed all the love he could get.

Over time he grew fonder of Ayesha and accepted her as his daughter … Ayesha visiting mostly at oumaPoppie staying in her own chalet.

His father was sober for a couple of years at Pretoria. Back at the farm he became more addicted to alcohol than ever before, having his first drink when he wakes … non-stop brandy and water until the following day … Rita, happy to supply while in control of all the business … Mafia Rita was in charge of Campfornis.

Tragic was the day when Andre set foot at Alldays and darker the days would become for the Kleynhans-family. His wife, Elmarie, received a mandate from Mafia Rita to purchase prime property at the centre of town, the land, buildings, house and general-dealer business … the buildings allowed space for a pharmacy and filling station.

The reasonable man should think that this would satisfy their greed, after the house at MagaliesKruin, but the wicked-trio has just started … their eyes were sighted on the farm. George was still the holder of 200 shares in Alldays Escape (pty) Ltd … his mother Rita advised him that the 200 shares in his father’s name, unlawfully or not, would be shared between him and his brother Rustie.

George was tired of hunting, however he was all-nights in alldays-escape-mode of alcohol in his bottle … never missed an opportunity to reach the farm with a second-hand car loaded with booze … his father waiting …… most of the time getting non-compos-mentis after a few drinks … Mafia Rita feeding them both with scheduled drugs from the pharmacy at Alldays.

One night George arrived with a new video camera, having fun with his parents on camera, Andre and Elmarie banged the door open … aggressively they grabbed the camera, his sister accusing him of gathering evidence on the ownership of shares. They were watching from the chalet … into the lapa they stood cocky in front of George … one right fist cracked between the eyes of Andre … he dropped like a bag of mealies … the fight was over.

But the war on the farm continued the next week-end. On his arrival, George asked his mother for a rifle on his drive with the spotlight … she handed him a loaded Ruger .375, but insisted that he visited Andre and Elmarie in their chalet before leaving. He was sitting at the table with the rifle pointing up … “bang”, the shot went through the roof … shocked, but nobody hurt, he went for his drive.

On his return the blue lights of SAP waited for him … he was arrested for trespassing, assault and attempted murder. Ayesha, pregnant with their third child, had to rush from Pietersburg to Louis Trichardt. The magistrate agreed to hear the application for bail. At 02h00 in the morning …

George was released on bail … this matter was later withdrawn by the wicked-trio … but the damage was done. From hereon George would come and go as he pleased, hitting them with an ignore.

Mafia Rita never took interest in the birth of Aquila, so George took his wife and three girls to the farm to visit oumaPoppie … at 95 yrs her skin was smooth, her mind clear … it was a day to remember.

Andre and Elmarie were flying high in the blazing sun of Alldays … however the community of Alldays noticed that stock in their shop had run-out, there was no fuel in their tanks at the pumps and the Sheriff was attaching goods for child-support … they even arranged for game to be captured and sold from farm Campfornis.

More pressure came when Mafia Rita moved Hendrik and oumaPoppie from Campfornis to the house at Alldays … they were not well and the farm not safe … Andre and Elmarie had no children of their own, these pharmacists, the perfect couple to look after the old people.

George and Rustie were not informed when Mafia Rita and Elmarie called the estate-services of the bank to revise the last will and testament of Hendrik and Rita … the insurance policies of Hendrik amounted to a large sum of monies payable at his death … Rita and Elmarie became the heirs and beneficiaries of his estate.

On the 29th day of May 1998, his mother phoned George from the private hospital at Pietersburg to tell him that his father was in hospital … he rushed to him, found his father in a stable condition on oxygen … Elmarie explaining to the doctor about his bleeding … the next day George arrived at the hospital at about 10h00, only to find that his father was already discharged.

The following day, on 31st of May, George phoned the house at Alldays at about 09h00 to inform them about his intended visit … Andre answered the phone: “Your father died this morning.”

It was total shock and unbelief … oumaPoppie passed away two weeks before, but there was something mysterious about this death … they were just waiting for the funeral undertakers to remove the body … no friend or member of the family were notified.

George arrived at the house at about 11h00 … the stand deserted, not a soul around … he entered the house from the kitchen … no servants around … down the passage he found his mother sitting on the bed in the corner of the room.

Mafia Rita was too scared to come out of the room … he went to the main bedroom on other side of the house where his father’s body was covered with a white sheet on the bed ……. The shock came when he removed the sheet ………

The face of his father was screaming for help !!! The mouth wide-open, wider than a cat-fish out of water … rigor mortis set in a long time ago, with his right leg to the side of the bed …. It was a no-brainer that this man died alone during the early hours of the morning without any oxygen !!!

George should have called the police immediately but he was overwhelmed by shock and the tragedy of his family. He just helped the undertaker to load the body.

The day after the funeral at Alldays, George was assisting a client at the bank in Pietersburg … when low and behold … Andre and Elmarie were there …

The greedy people were filling the claim forms on his father’s insurance policies. His oblongata was heading for a breakdown … he could no longer protect his family … he filed charges at SAP Alldays and a formal complaint at the Master of the High Court … all too late … the evidence buried.

Andre and Elmarie lost the farm Campfornis to the bank on an overdraft of two million rand … not even Mafia Rita could help them. Significantly a puff-adder snake bit Andre on his leg when he was packing up the farm Campfornis.

The wicked-trio left Alldays in December 2000 for Struisbaai in the Cape, taking the company of Alldays Escape with them.

Elmarie and Andre Brits left their footprints in Alldays, the Kleynhans’ family damages to follow them to Struisbaai Pharmacy, but Alldays Escape remain at Alldays.