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Service Provider: Attorneys 24 (pty) Ltd registration no: 2013/213534/07


Phone:           076 741 6666            or          065 524 5778

Address: 207 Keerom Street, Dendron, Limpopo 0715


I, the undersigned,


hereby appoint Attorneys 24 {pty} Ltd as my provider for legal services.

Power of Attorney

I, hereby appoint the Director of Attorneys 24, Johanna Susarah Scott, irrevocably to be my lawful agent, to do whatever required to solve any legal problem and to sign on my behalf any documents required for the above purpose.

Attorneys 24 will provide legal services and cost assurance to the above client at a monthly fee of R150-00 on condition that client has been a paid member for the period of at least 3 months.

Dated and signed at                                          on this             day of                                    2020.

————————————————–               ———————————————–

Attorneys 24                                                     Client

  • Access to our in-house Legal Counsellors who will attempt to resolve your legal issues without you going to court.
  • Branches countrywide.
  • 24/7, 365 access via our Legal Line.
  • Web and e-mail based legal assistance during office hours.
  • Extended para-legal services.  Attorneys 24 will also assist you with the following even if we do not pay the legal fees:
  • Debt services (settlement negotiations, rescission of administration orders and judgments.
  • Family Services (unconsented divorces, child maintenance matters, ante nuptial contracts).
  • Other Civil Services (mediation or referrals to Alternative Dispute Resolution forums such as the CCMA, preparation and referrals to Small Claims Court).

Legal Sure Insurance Benefits

  • Up to R10 000.00 for legal fees per case
  • You, your spouse or life partner and children under 18 are covered.
  • Cover for civil, criminal and labor related cases.
  • Access to the Attorneys24 Network of over 100 legal firms to represent you.
  • Fees paid at the Attorneys24 tariff rates, giving you more legal power.
  • Option to select a lawyer who is not on the Legal Network.

Benefits are subject to a 3 month waiting period and exclusions.  The main exclusions are listed below:

  • Business activities.
  • Matrimonial matters (e.g. marriage, divorce, maintenance disputes, custody disputes, etc.).
  • Defamation claim by you.
  • Matters involving you as a Member, public officer, trustee, executor, curator or spokesperson.
  • Collective or class actions.
  • A dispute with a claim value less than R5 000.00
  • An act aimed at promoting or frustrating economic, political, social or environmental change.
  • Matters with an option to pay a fine without a conviction.
  • Matters that arose before you joined Attoneys24 or during your 3 months waiting period.

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Client Name and Surname                                   ID number                                            Date received

ATTORNEYS 24 (PTY)Ltd, Registration no. 2013/213534/07, e-mail:, landline no. 065 524 5788,  cell no.  076 741 6666

Attorneys 24 (Pty)Ltd

Telephone Number: 065 524 5788

Cell Number:  076 741 6666

E-mail Address:


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Mandate to your Bank

Please pay Attorneys 24 (PTY)Ltd by Debit Order from the account detailed in this mandate subject to the safeguard instructions shall be passed electronically to my Bank to debit my Account.

Authority to Debit My Account

By signing this form, I have given authority to my Bankers to debit my account using Debit Order Facility towards my bill settlement with Attorneys 24 (PTY)Ltd.

Debit my account based on the Direct Debit instruction.  Effective Debit date ____ /____ / _____

Debit my account with amount R _________________   Effective expiry date ____ / ____ /_____

Amount in words: ___________________________________________________________________________

I, the undersigned authorize Attorneys 24 (PTY)Ltd to, in terms of the agreement, deduct the service rate from this account, including any applicable service rate increases I have selected or any increases that Attorneys 24 (PTY)Ltd may apply as agreed with me, until services termination or change.

_____________________________________    Date   __ /__ / ____

Authorised Signature


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Attorney 24 Property


You are my lawyami / friend /amigo and my privilege to serve you at law.



Welcome to our friend / amigo of Lawya practising as attorney at Pretoria in South Africa, discover LAW / JUSTICE and meaning thereof.

George Kleynhans

LAW IS NOT JUSTICE… justice must be seen to be done.

We have justice when fair and reasonable laws apply to all!


George Kleynhans


Our mission:

  1. Promote the legal profession
  2. Market and advertise legal firms
  3. Provide insurance for legal costs

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George Kleynhans, founder of SA non-citizen Legal Protector                                                    (soccer world cup 2010)

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Speak no law without justice for all!

law without justice

A law is deserving of respect to the extent, and only to the extent, it is just. A law which is not just deserves only the level of obedience one gives to any group or individual who says “do this, or I’ll hurt you.” That is, to the extent that you believe their threat is credible, you may choose to obey to avoid the adverse effects of being caught disobeying.

Full trials, and the full protection of the law, such as it remains, now belongs only to those who are very wealthy, and sometimes not even to them. Defending a trial can take hundreds of thousand or millions of dollars. An ordinary person cannot afford it. Public defenders are overworked, underfunded, and generally plead out. This is on top of the fact that most rich criminals, such as the bankers who committed widespread fraud, are never charged with crimes, and if they are charged are allowed to settle with a token payment which immunizes them from further charges for their criminal acts, acts which demonstrably cost hundreds of thousands of people their houses, lost people their jobs, and even their lives. Law which is enforced only against some classes of people, and not against others, is unjust.

There is no justice without proportionality, no justice in a land with secret laws, no justice in a country where the rich skate and the poor plead out. There is only law, the same law the Stasi proclaimed: do what we say or else.

 George Kleynhans

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